Are you struggling to manage business costs? You may need an audit.Did you know you could be overspending in areas you’re not aware of? Audits of your business can shed light on unnecessary expenses and reduce costs, improving your bottom line. Businesses that don’t have the resources or the time to carefully analyze their expenses could benefit from an audit, which would pave the way towards significant savings by helping to manage business costs more effectively overall.

Unbeknownst to many, audits can also reveal leaks in a business’s waste, energy, and telecom operations. While most businesses do not have the time or expertise to perform a regular and detailed review of invoices, audits by Edge Insights can cut costs significantly.

Our telecom expense management services audit your charges and keep a close eye on your telecom costs. Similarly, our waste management services can help businesses cut costs up to 60% after an audit by finding cost-effective ways to dispose of unwanted materials. And when it comes to our energy cost management services, we can audit your invoices and review all your supplier contracts to ensure that your energy services are purchased from the most reliable suppliers.

Whether you’re struggling to manage business costs or don’t think you’re losing money, auditing your expenses can you give much-needed insight into where you’re money is going.

Our Cost Consulting Process and Benefits of an Audit

At Edge Insights, our cost consulting process consists of three basic steps:

  • Benchmark and audit: Our consultants perform an in-depth audit of all your agreements, invoices, accounts, and providers, and document your use of services in order to identify errors.
  • Analyze and optimize: We’ll analyze your current supplier contracts and compare their prices with other competitors, ensuring that you get the best rates in the market.
  • Implement and manage: Once we’ve completed our audit, we’ll present you with our cost-effective recommendations for you to choose. Our experts will then transfer you to your preferred option and offer ongoing support.

An audit of business expenses will cost your organization nothing and could yield up to 50% savings!

When Edge Insights is engaged to audit telecom, waste, or energy expenses, all you need to do is:

  • Provide copies of expense invoices and vendor contracts.
  • Participate in a call or meeting where Edge presents costs saving recommendations.
  • Approve recommendations that make sense for your organization.
  • Sit back and realize the savings!

Edge Insights will do all the work including implementing recommendations with vendors and tracking results.

Expense audits take very little time from your team and you retain complete control of the results. Expense audit fees are success based so you only pay when actual savings appear on future invoices. These services are always cash flow and budget positive!

Ready to Start Saving?

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