Environmental Expense Management

Quit wasting money on waste management.

When it comes to cutting expenses, organizations often overlook waste removal and recycling. But here at Edge Insights, our waste cost management services can reduce your costs by up to 60%. From paper to plastic, medical to municipal, and organic to hazardous — we handle it all. If you don’t want it, we’ll help you find a way to get rid of it, all while helping you pay as little as possible.

Many organizations view environmental services as a minor cost of business to be simply accepted. However, as the waste disposal and recycling industries evolve, the amount of competition is increasing. More than 500 organizations already trust Edge Insights to manage their waste accounts. Are you spending where you shouldn’t?

Our contingency-based environmental expense management services are risk-free and require no funding, no budgetary review, and nearly none of your time.

Edge Insights optimizes waste removal and recycling costs through a simple, seamless, three-step process:

Step 1 –

Benchmark and Audit

First, our certified solid-waste management consultants will perform a comprehensive audit of your existing removal and recycling providers. We’ll evaluate everything from your contracts, to your service frequency, to the capacity of your current bins. By documenting the entirety of your waste management services, we’ll be able to identify areas where you might be overpaying.

Step 2 –

Analyze and Optimize

Next, our waste management analysts will evaluate their findings and propose recommendations designed to reduce your waste and recycling expenses and improve operations. Our goal is to determine if existing waste management services can operate more efficiently or if there are more competitively priced providers in your area.

Step 3 –

Implement and Manage

Finally, Edge Insights will present for your review the best waste management service alternatives, along with estimates about how much you can expect to save. Then, based on your approval, we’ll implement our recommendations to provide the optimal combination of services, value, and support. And our environmental expense management services continue to provide ongoing monthly expense monitoring and reporting long after implementation. We also recreate your bill each month to show you what you were paying versus what you are paying now with the implemented changes in logistics/services/vendors.

Why bring in a company like us to audit your expenses?


We produce cash-flow-positive results for customers and are committed to ensuring you receive accurate billing and long-term cost reduction.


With a contingency-based model, we are your true partner that unburdens you from billing issues in a budget-positive way.


The average Edge Insights employee has been with the company well over 10 years, which means customers benefit from decades of experience in saving organizations money.


We maintain a completely independent, agnostic approach to recommending suppliers, so you know you are getting the right solution to fit your needs.

You may be spending in places today where you could be saving tomorrow. And we’ve got the numbers to back up our promises.




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