Who We Serve

If you spend on energy, waste disposal, or telecom, we can help. Let us examine your costs and find ways to save.

We Will Help You Save in the Long Term

We know it’s hard to find the time to analyze where you’re spending. It’s critical to minimize operating costs so since 1991, we’ve dedicated ourselves businesses in manufacturing, senior living, non-profit, education, finance, and more do just that.

At Edge Insights, we produce significant savings and improved operational costs for our customers. Our goal is for you to receive good service at a fair price with accurate billing. With a contingency-based model, we are your true partner that unburdens you from billing issues in a budget-positive way.

We are dedicated to helping your business save on costs through monthly auditing, service monitoring, and outsourced operations management.


If you are a manufacturer without the resources or time to reduce and manage costs related to telecom, waste, and energy, Edge Insights can do it for you. From auditing telecom expenses to tracking and reporting waste byproducts, we will be your partner, so you can get back to your business while we help improve your bottom line.

Senior Living

Is your senior living organization asked to do more with less? We understand your unique challenges, especially when it comes to everything from medical waste disposal and energy costs, to finding the right technology to fit your telecom and IT needs. We can reduce and manage costs, so your management team doesn’t have to worry about the accounting details.

Additional Industries

Non-profits, educational organizations, and businesses in the finance industry have specific challenges to meet when it comes to expense management. And one thing businesses across those industries have in common is that they don’t have time to look into bills. Edge Insights has the experience to relieve you of the burden of managing and reducing costs.

No matter your industry, Edge Insights will be your partner in managing and reducing your environmental, energy, or telecom costs. On average, clients save $41,000 through partnering with us. Let’s find out how much we can save your business.