Energy Expense Management

Our experts ensure you never overpay for your energy utilities.

Due to a dynamic environment of deregulation, changing tariffs, increased competition, and other industry factors, many companies struggle to effectively manage their energy supply costs. The complexity surrounding supplier billing practices only makes matters worse. It’s easy to accidentally overlook billing errors and overcharges.

We’re here to help. At Edge Insights, our energy expense management specialists help organizations reduce and manage expenses through our industry expertise, analysis, benchmarking, and full support. We can audit your invoices, review your supplier contracts, and ensure you only purchase energy services from the most efficient and reliable providers available.

Our knowledge of contract options also helps you manage market volatility and risk. By offering unparalleled energy cost management, we help our clients realize substantial, ongoing savings in areas where they never knew they were overpaying. Even if you are already locked into a contract with a supplier, we can start monitoring your account daily through our PriceWatch software, which will allow us to inform you if market conditions present an optimal buying opportunity.

Through a simple, three-step process, we increase customers’ savings by optimizing their energy services.

Step 1 –

Benchmark and Audit

First, we’ll perform an exhaustive audit of your existing accounts, invoices, and agreements. We document your typical usage to establish benchmarks and identify errors that could result in retroactive refunds or reduced rates in the future.

Step 2 –

Analyze and Optimize

Then, our energy cost management specialists will dive into your expense data, evaluate your supplier contracts, and compare your current rates to other options in the market. This helps us determine if more affordable services are available.

Step 3 –

Implement and Manage

Finally, we’ll present our recommendations regarding the most cost-effective alternatives. Our energy expense management experts will help you seamlessly switch to the service you select, then fully manage your account and serve as a single point of contact for ongoing support.


And that’s not all! Once we’ve optimized your services and secured any available refunds, we’ll continue to ensure you never overpay for energy by enrolling you in our proprietary PriceWatch program that analyzes daily market data and alerts us if a more affordable option ever becomes available. We’ll even track your existing contract expiration to make timely decisions on optimal next steps.

As you can see, our energy expense management process makes sure no stone is left unturned. We’d love to begin your cost-saving journey today.

Why bring in a company like us to audit your expenses?


We produce cash-flow-positive results for customers and are committed to ensuring you receive accurate billing and long-term cost reduction.


With a contingency-based model, we are your true partner that unburdens you from billing issues in a budget-positive way.


The average Edge Insights employee has been with the company well over 10 years, which means customers benefit from decades of experience in saving organizations money.


We maintain a completely independent, agnostic approach to recommending suppliers, so you know you are getting the right solution to fit your needs.

You may be spending in places today where you could be saving tomorrow. And we’ve got the numbers to back up our promises.




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