The Savings You Need at Your Senior Living Organization

Cut Costs in unexpected places with a free,
no-risk audit.

Edge Insights is introduced by Adam Marles, former CEO of LeadingAge, as the newest asset to their Advantage+ program, connecting senior living organizations with resources to help improve their business, reduce cost, and implement better management systems. 

Get the Support of Cost Reduction Experts

We know you’re under a great deal of pressure to find areas to save on costs as a senior living organization. Edge Insights can help you uncover savings in places that typically do not get much attention. Edge Insights has a long history of helping senior living organizations save on indirect cost areas of waste, energy, and telecom.

Oftentimes, senior living organizations do not have the time, personnel, or expertise to review invoices and research vendors fully. This inattention can cause costs to pile up while the organization is experiencing financial challenges. We want to change that and empower senior living organizations to focus on providing the best care possible to their residents. 

An Edge Insights consultant will perform cost and savings opportunity analysis on your existing invoices and services. We will work with all your vendors to negotiate ongoing contracts, research the most cost-effective service providers, perform monthly auditing services, and provide operations management support for your senior living organization. 

We do the tedious work of finding opportunities for cost reduction, giving you more time to dedicate to your organization’s mission. Collectively, we have saved our customers hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars with our cost reduction strategies. Best of all, we provide these cost consulting services as a success-based, risk-free service to you. You pay nothing until we find you refunds or other opportunities for savings. Edge Insights partners with your organization and supports you through every step of the process. 

Take that savings & use it to


the health & well-being of your residents.

Do You Have the Internal Resources to Manage This?


  • Market Price & Contract Terms
  • On-Site Logistical Review
  • Resolve Billing Issues
  • Certified Waste Experts
  • Refund Recovery
  • Reconcile Credits
  • Forensic Bill Audit
  • Monthly Bill Review
  • Provide Impartial Assessment
  • Contract Compliance Audit
  • Manage Vendor Contracts & Relationships
  • Expert Help Desk to Assist with Service Issues
  • Competitive Market
  • Analysis


  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Tax Expertise
  • Electric & Natural Gas Experts
  • Forensic Bill Audits
  • Customized Routine Reporting**
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Pricewatch*
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Refund Recovery


  • ID All Current Costs
  • Ensure Best Prices
  • Contract Management
  • Define Services
  • Monitor Monthly Bills
  • Tax Expertise
  • Refund Recovery
  • Expertise on Carrier and Hosted Services
  • Customized Reporting
  • Telecom Stategy

Here’s How Senior Living Organizations Save With Edge

What Will We Save You?

Example Partnership Results

Since 1991, we’ve partnered with over 2,000 senior living organizations, providing cost reduction services that help reduce expenses and improve services for residents.

We help our clients achieve savings through dedicated auditing processes, a trained team of cost reduction specialists, and risk-free cost management services.

The average Edge client saves $41,000 through our partnership. Let’s see what we can do for you.


that’s annual waste service savings at a multi-facility organization


in refunds for erroneous energy charges at a non-profit with five retirement communities


saved on waste & recycling services at an organization with over 35 service centers


in provider refunds because of billing errors at a continuing care community

Key Savings Areas for Senior Living Organizations

Edge cost reduction experts will look at every aspect of your waste, telecom, and energy spending, including contracts, delivery, and billing. Let us do the tedious work so you can focus on providing the best experience to your residents.


Our waste cost management services can reduce waste costs at your senior living organization by up to 60%. From paper to plastic, medical to municipal, and organic to hazardous – we handle it all.

  • Risk-free contingency-based services require no funding and nearly none of your time.
  • We identify where you might be overspending through a comprehensive audit.
  • We determine how your existing waste management services can operate more efficiently, or if there are more competitively priced providers.
  • We provide provide ongoing monthly expense monitoring and reporting long after implementation.


Our experts ensure you never overpay for your energy utilities. Through a simple, three-step process, we’ll increase your savings by optimizing your energy services.

  • We’ll reduce and manage energy expenses with our industry expertise, analysis, benchmarking, and full support.
  • We handle auditing of your invoices and review of your supplier contracts to ensure you only purchase the most efficient energy services.
  • You’ll realize substantial, ongoing savings in areas you never knew you were overpaying.
  • Our proprietary PriceWatch program analyzes daily market data and alerts us if a more affordable energy option ever becomes available for you.


We’ll take on the work of telecom services and cloud solution management, so you can get back to providing your residents with an excellent experience.

  • Our process begins with a full audit of your current telecom environment to determine the best fit for your voice, data, and cloud computing needs.
  • We’ll create a customized plan for telecom services, manage installations on your behalf, and take care of ongoing billing.
  • We handle the procurement process, including researching providers, pricing, and service options.
  • Regular bill reviews and audits will ensure you’re only spending where you need to spend.

Get Resources to Help You Reduce Costs

Whether your senior living organization is ready for the full support of Edge Insights’ cost reduction experts, or you are simply looking for ways to bolster your own efforts, our library of resources is available to you.