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Positive cash flow is critical for you to better serve your residents. That’s why we’re here to help you save on waste, energy, and telecom costs.

As a senior living organization, you’re committed to your residents. However, the financial pressure of relying on revenue from insurance companies and the government can be a heavy burden to bear, all while ensuring you provide the best possible care.

At Edge Insights, we know where to look to find hidden savings and can take on the time-consuming work to free you up to focus on what you do best. Let us help you save on waste, energy, and telecom costs, all while freeing your staff to deliver great service.

Waste & Environmental Services

When it comes to waste and environmental services, it can be difficult and time-consuming to ensure the vendor charges are fair and accurate. At Edge Insights, we know your environment. CCRC communities and long-term care facilities generate significant amounts of regular trash, recycling, and regulated medical (or Red Bag) waste. While these costs may be viewed as necessary, we find an average of 35% savings for our clients.

Our cost management experts will not only help you select a provider to reduce costs, but will also manage your waste stream to keep those costs down.

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Energy Services

Did you know that you may be overspending on energy? Many organizations default to the local utility or look at just one provider for electricity and natural gas. Looking at multiple providers, various contract terms, and options can easily lead to savings.

Let our energy cost management specialists help you reduce and manage expenses through industry expertise, analysis, benchmarking, and full support. We can audit your invoices, review your supplier contracts, and ensure you only purchase energy services from the most efficient and reliable providers available.

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Telecom Services

Our cost management experts will ensure your telecom services deliver the performance and reliability required in your senior living organization. We can walk you through the process of choosing, installing, and managing your telecom services, so you can provide reliable communications and connectivity to operate your facilities and serve your residents.

We’ll also manage and reduce your organization’s telecom costs while acting as a single point of contact for every carrier, keeping your telecom spend to a minimum.

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There’s already enough pressure on the shoulders of senior living management. Analyzing and managing waste, energy, and telecom services shouldn’t be an added burden. Let Edge Insights help your organization run more smoothly, all while saving you both time and money.

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You may be spending in places today where you could be saving tomorrow. And we’ve got the numbers to back up our promises.

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Results-oriented: We produce cash-flow-positive results for customers and are committed to ensuring you receive accurate billing and long-term cost reduction.

Responsive: With a contingency-based model, we are your true partner that unburdens you from billing issues in a budget-positive way.

Expert: The average Edge Insights employee has been with the company well over 10 years, which means customers benefit from decades of experience in saving organizations money.

Genuine: We maintain a completely independent, agnostic approach to recommending suppliers, so you know you are getting the right solution to fit your needs.

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