Case Studies

Take a look at our client’s savings and see what we can do for you.

Our Goal is to Maximize Savings For Your Business

We achieve savings through dedicated auditing processes, a trained team of expense-reduction specialists, and risk-free cost management services. Below, we’ve collected a sample of our client engagements to show the degree of waste removal, energy, and telecom expense savings that are possible.

Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries Saves Over $1,200,000 on Energy, Telecommunications, & Waste Expenses

Phoebe Ministries

Phoebe Ministries Experiences Significant Savings of Over $120,000 and Refunds Over $28,000 Through Expense Reduction Strategies

Fulton Financial Corp

Fulton Financial Realizes Over 50% Savings on Waste Expenses & Receives $10,000 in Refunds


Paklab Saves 34% on Telecom Expenses and Has the Potential to Save 35% on Waste Expenses

Dynamic Physical Therapy

Dynamic Physical Therapy Reduces Waste Removal Expenses by 76%

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina receives over $60,000 in refunds from erroneous energy charges and over $16,000 per year in savings going forward

Fairfield Medical Center

Fairfield Medical Center Reduces Operational Expenses by 20% for Telecommunications Services and 15% for Electricity Expenses Annually

St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Realizes 33% Savings on Waste Expenses and Receives $26,000 in Refunds

County of Berks

County of Berks saves over $600,000 through 2013 by locking in electricity rates with Edge Insights

A.J. Rose Manufacturing

A.J. Rose Manufacturing Reduces Energy Expenses by 12% Over a Two Year Period

Fulton Financial Corporation

Edge Insights Helps Fulton Financial Corporation Realize Significant Savings by Shopping for Deregulated Energy

Wayne HealthCare

Wayne HealthCare Anticipates a 19% Savings in Energy Expenses Over the Next Year

Daniel Boone Area School District

Daniel Boone Area School District Will Reduce Annual Electricity Expenses 10%

Christie Management Company (Christie Clinic)

Christie Management Company (Christie Clinic) will Reduce Electricity Expenses by 5% Annually