You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, from pre- to post-audit.

Let’s Answer Your Questions

If you’re unsure if Edge Insights can help you – or if our services apply to your business – read on.

Pre-Audit Questions

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I Only Want Certain Utilities Or Telecom Bills Reviewed. Can I Pick And Choose Which Ones I Want?

Yes, you can. However, we encourage you to have all of your utility and telecom bills reviewed because you never know which bill may contain costly errors.

When Does Edge Insights Get Paid?

Only after you’ve received your refund or savings. Edge Insights savings are always cash flow positive for our clients.

How Much Does The Audit Cost?

Our services are “success-based,” which means we only get paid if we find tangible savings for you.

Why Do I Need A Utility And Telecom Audit?

Because it’s very likely that you are being overcharged on your utility and telecom bills. Many organizations don’t have the resources or time to conduct in-house audits. Our team of industry experts has experience in the utility and telecom fields, specifically in analyzing billing histories, service classifications, rate changes and contract changes. This gives Edge Insights the ability to catch the overcharges and mistakes that others may overlook or are unaware of. And with the high cost of energy and telecommunications, these are overcharges you cannot afford to miss.

Can You Conduct Audits On Smaller Companies?

YES! We work with all sized companies including nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

How Often Does Edge Insights Find Overcharges?

We find overcharges or a refund opportunity on most audits. Edge Insights has conducted over 20,000 utility bill audits and have discovered over $80 million in expense reductions and savings for its clients.

Audit Questions

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Who Do I Contact With Questions Regarding My Audit Or If I Want An Update?

You will have a dedicated Edge Insights representative who is available any time to answer your questions or provide you with an update.

How Long Will The Audit Process Take?

The typical audit process usually last from 6-8 weeks. Click here to see a typical audit timeline.

What Steps Should I Take During The Audit Process?

We recommend taking the following steps as part of the audit process:

  1. Collect your previous 12 months of utility bills and 3 months of Telecom bills along with any associated contracts.
  2. Fax or email the bills to our Auditing Team at 610.777.2699 or Savings_Info@edgeinsights.com.
  3. Allow our auditing team up to 30 days to review your billing data, your state’s tariff guidelines, and prepare a detailed presentation of findings.
  4. Review the presentation of findings with our auditing team and give us your approval to implement the billing changes and/or request your refunds.

Or you can always contact us at 800.238.6753 and we’ll guide you through the process. It’s really very simple to get started.

Post-Audit Questions

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How Do I Know The Billing Errors Have Been Corrected?

We monitor your accounts to ensure that errors are corrected and do not re-occur. We document the actual savings for the duration of the contract.

What Happens After Edge Insights Completes Our Audit?

We will schedule a time to present our findings to you and discuss next steps based upon our findings and recommendations.