Telecom Expense Management

Why waste hours poring over invoices? Let Edge Insights identify billing errors for you.

Today’s Increased Demand for Data

— coupled with the desire for speedy, secure, and scalable connections — can make managing telecom expenses a nightmare. But, at Edge Insights, we’ve made it our mission to save our customers a bundle by ensuring they never overpay for their telecom services.

Since 1991, our team of expense reduction strategists has helped organizations across all industries to reduce telecom costs by aligning their services with their unique needs. We strictly work on a contingency-fee basis, and more than 90% of our telecom expense management clients have accrued substantial savings thanks to our technology consulting services.

From voice to data networks, cloud, internet, and everywhere in between, we excel at managing the costs associated with telecom services. We’re skilled at spotting invoice errors and erroneous charges, and we know exactly how much you should be paying in surcharges and regulatory fees. We also have a keen understanding of market costs, and we’ve made it our job to know the finest details about your specific services, contract terms, and usage profiles.

Edge Insights optimizes the cost of our clients’ telecom services through a seamless, three-step process:

Step 1 –

Benchmark and Audit

First, we’ll perform an exhaustive analysis of your current telecom bills, accounts, and contracts. Our objective during this phase is to document every aspect of your services and usage in an effort to identify errors that may result in retroactive refunds and future cost savings.

Step 2 –

Analyze and Optimize

Next, we’ll evaluate your carrier contracts and current costs and compare them to other available options. We’ll also review the size and type of your circuits to ensure they align with your needs. We’ll determine if existing services can be delivered for lower costs, or if you’d benefit from new telecom services to support your growth.

Step 3 –

Implement and Manage

After we’ve recommended the optimal telecom services for your organization and managed the installations, we don’t stop there. We conduct regular billing analysis, looking for overcharges and other inaccuracies. We keep track of multiple invoices from different providers, negotiate for new rates when appropriate, and handle bill processing and payment on your behalf.

If you think you might be overpaying for your telecom services, contact Edge Insights for more information about how our telecom expense management services can save you an incredible amount. expenses?