Additional Industries

Whether you work in finance, education, non-profit, or another industry, we can help you uncover hidden costs.

We Are A True Partner

Many organizations accept their waste, energy, and telecom spend as natural costs of running their operations. And even if cheaper, more efficient alternatives existed, it’s hard to find the time to analyze where you’re spending, review your options, and make changes.

At Edge Insights, we specialize in helping any organization produce significant savings and improved operational costs – all with exceptional customer service and a non-invasive approach. We are a true partner that unburdens you from billing issues in a budget-positive way. Best of all, we don’t charge you out of pocket for services, so your business doesn’t lose money out of the gate for audits.

No matter your industry, there are many complexities involved in energy, waste management, and telecom – but there are also hidden savings to discover.

Finance Businesses

It’s easy for multi-branch financial organizations like yours to utilize the default providers for waste, energy, and telecom. After all, it’s faster than researching alternative options for every single branch of your business. However, there are ways to save money and improve efficiencies throughout your enterprise. Edge can aid finance businesses with vendor selection, service optimization, and standardized pricing for a healthier bottom line.

Education Organizations

We know you have your students’ best interests in mind, but limited state funding can make operations difficult. Let’s maximize your allotted budget and – if it will improve your cash flow – optimize your waste, energy, and telecom services by moving away from the default providers. For education organizations that don’t have time to analyze their bills or spending, Edge has the experience to relieve you of the burden of cost management and reduction.

Non-Profit Organizations

As a non-profit, we know it’s critical to use donor-provided funds efficiently. Your budget and time are both limited, but we can help. When you work with Edge, there’s no barrier between you and cost savings for your non-profit; we don’t charge out of pocket for services or audits. Let us help you reduce costs and manage expenses, enabling you to find the most appropriate vendors and best pricing while optimizing your waste, energy, and telecom services.

Edge will be your true partner in handling your cost management needs, and we won’t charge you out of pocket for services. Let us help you keep your expenses low so that you can focus on the unique day-to-day challenges of your business.