Business Phone Technology

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), telephones are a standard piece of equipment. Much like mobile phones, business phone technology has expanded its functionality and usability to meet the changing and growing demands of modern business. Edge Insights works with you to find the best telephone system for your SMB to ensure you get the services you need.

Improved Telephone Systems for SMB

Telephone systems for small and medium-sized businesses have changed drastically in two major ways; one, phone systems can do much more functionally and two, the model for purchasing a phone system has moved to subscription-based plans that allow a business to scale their services.

Business phones used to be a physical phone that sat on a desk in an office, but now, and especially after a dramatic rise in remote employees, “business phones” can be a cell phone, a call through a laptop, or bluetooth technology in a car while on the go. Telephone technology has prioritized user experience to meet the needs of remote and hybrid employees. New telephone systems make employees available 24/7, wherever they are to allow business to proceed regardless of timezone differences or physical location. Flexibility and user-friendly technology are the main goals of telephone systems for SMB.

How to Choose a Telephone System for Your SMB

Small and medium-sized businesses often do not have the time or resources to designate to research evolving technology, even if the equipment is essential to their business processes. The telephone market is vast, with several different providers, service plans, and platform features to choose from. It can be overwhelming to navigate those decisions alone, especially if you’re not an expert in the industry. That’s where Edge Insights comes in.

The team at Edge Insights works with you to truly understand your small business and your specific telephone needs. We work with eight plus reliable and proven telephone technology providers to source the best possible solution for you. We work on your behalf to find the best price, manage any technology demonstrations, guide you through the decision making process, and work as an ongoing project manager advocating on your behalf with your selected provider, all at NO COST to you.

Modern telephone systems are now designed for the user to have more control over their equipment. But with so many options available on the market, small businesses are often at a loss to have the proper resources to do the research and secure the best services. Edge Insights sits on your side of the table and leverages our team’s deep industry knowledge and experience to find the best telephone system for your SMB, with no long-term commitments or contracts from you.

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