Trust Edge Insights for Indirect Expense Management

As business owners, much of our time is spent reviewing and comparing direct costs. These are the important components that keep a business running such as the costs associated with labor and production. Oftentimes though, the lesser noticeable costs that go into running a business take a back seat and end up accruing unnecessary added costs.

The Problem with Indirect Costs

Indirect costs refer to expenses associated with ongoing services. This includes services such as electricity, phone bills, waste collection, building rent costs, etc. It can be easy to overlook these recurring costs when so many other factors of running a business pull at our attention. It can become routine to set bills on an auto-pay function and happily forget about them. However, inspecting and re-assessing indirect costs can be one of the best ways to generate extra savings for your business.

The Solution at Edge Insights

Taking a close look at indirect costs requires time that most of our clients simply do not have. At Edge Insights, we take the headache out of indirect cost management by tackling it for you! Bill auditing examines indirect business costs like energy, telecom, and waste disposal which often get overlooked. Edge Insights determines and tackles three core areas of indirect costs that are most prominently affecting your business. Savings of just a small percentage can mean tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for some companies. Edge Insights aims to be an advocate for each client, evaluating if the services they utilize are truly the right fit for them and finding solutions that fit their unique needs.

Managing and streamlining costs can be overwhelming, but Edge makes it simple. We offer the following to make cost analysis and savings a breeze for our clients.

  • Edge is an advocate for our clients, evaluating if they have the right services at the right price with accurate billing.
  • We ensure that client invoices match the contracts and services provided. Contracts are not always properly implemented in vendors’ billing systems, leading to overbilling.
  • We organize the systems in place for bill payment. Because no singular person owns indirect costs, there is often a lack of oversight. Bills are paid without comparing contracts. Different people interact with vendors and pay bills, leading to differing costs.
  • We evaluate the market and scan for competitive rates to secure the best price for each service. This also acts as a negotiating tactic to secure better pricing with current vendors.
  • We keep long-term vendors honest. It’s easy to keep paying bills on autopilot without checking if it is the best deal or the right service level.

Edge Insights Makes It Simple

At Edge Insights, we understand the impact indirect costs can have on your business. The details of indirect costs can be confusing and overwhelming, but Edge Insights makes it simple. We take care of the details so our clients can get back to doing what they love.