Networking infrastructure is important for your business.
If you’re a business decision-maker, have you considered the importance of networking infrastructure for your organization? As your business expands, it’s crucial to lay out the foundation to support more functions – other than just your individual apps. It’s not uncommon to see leaders who fail to establish the right infrastructure from the beginning. Instead, they let their networking infrastructure decisions be driven by integrating a new piece of software or when they decide to go with a new hosted application as opposed to doing the right work to establish proper networking infrastructure from the start. Here’s why laying the foundation for networking infrastructure is vital for your business.

Importance of Laying the Foundation

While some leaders may overlook the need for networking infrastructure, we can all agree that it’s essential to connect all your devices and people in your business. Doing so will allow your staff and business to reach their full potential. Without networking infrastructure, no one would be able to go to work and do their jobs on a daily basis. Networking infrastructure supports:
  • Core business applications
  • Safety and security
  • Internal communications and telephone systems
  • Emerging expectations such as social media, etc.
Laying the foundation for networking infrastructure will ensure that you properly connect all your devices, functions, and team members within and outside your organization. What’s more, with the right networking infrastructure, you’ll be able to have solutions that enable cloud strategies and are scalable, redundant, survivable, and manageable.

Integrating Networking Infrastructure

So, how can you set the foundation for networking infrastructure in your organization? While it’s easy to believe that the task will be very expensive or complicated, but that’s not always the case. In fact, and unbeknownst to many business leaders, laying the foundation for networking infrastructure can be set up in a way that is transparent to their organization and can be done without interruptions to their existing operations. In many cases, this change can also be done for the same amount of spend or for a small incremental spend per month. Many organizations are already spending money on existing things such as telephone lines, data networks, and more. So why not replace 5-10 year technology and circuits with what’s available today? By redirecting the money you’re currently spending on outdated technology toward the right things – such as your infrastructure – you can build a solid foundation that can keep your business current and able to adapt to technology changes.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in learning more about networking infrastructure and what works for your business, reach out to us today. At Edge Insights, we never try to sell a solution or a vendor. Instead, we’re dedicated to looking at what you’re spending and making the right recommendations for your business. Let us come in, advise and consult you, and chart a path based on decisions you make.