Article published on PR Newswire on January 6, 2014

WEST LAWN, PA, Jan. 6, 2014… Effective immediately, UtiliTech, a national leader in cost reduction services, has changed its name to Edge Insights to better reflect its increasingly proactive focus on cost-savings and expanded line of services.

“As a forensic auditing firm, we looked to the past to review customers’ expenses,” explained Emmett Lien, president of Edge Insights. “Today, we are forward-focused, helping our clients find strategic cost management opportunities. Our new name, Edge Insights, conveys our evolution to a future-focused philosophy that provides clients with a competitive edge.”

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About Edge Insights

Headquartered in Berks County for over 20 years, Edge Insights (formerly UtiliTech) has been known for discovering huge cost-reductions and savings for their clients through energy and telecom auditing and procurement. In an effort to further save money for its’ clients, the Company has recently expanded its service offerings to include Waste Auditing and other services.