As we know, traditional recycling has evolved over the years. In the past, glass, aluminum cans, plastics, and paper were all separated out in to different containers. Today’s technology allows for single stream recycling to optimize environmental impact while simplifying the effort. The process of streamlining encourages everyone to become more ‘green.’ Edge Insights recognizes the value in constantly improving these efforts to not only save the environment, but to save our clients money as well. Here’s how we help our clients to be more ‘green.’

  • Edge Insights assists clients in developing, evaluating, and enhancing recycling programs. We will also help to design promotional materials and education programs for client facilities.
  • We can assist in finding new avenues for disposing of material to increase recycling and minimize the use of landfills.
  • There are multiple options when it comes to recycling that many people are not aware of. Some options even pay clients to take their materials, ranging from cardboard to plastics. These materials undergo a process so that they can be formed into new usable products.
    • Cardboard boxes can be reused once again before entering the recycling process.
    • Pallets can be repurposed; broken pieces are replaced and they are reused. Pallets unable to be repurposed into mulch.
    • Plastic bottles can be melted down into pellets, which can be mixed with other materials in manufacturing.
    • Clear plastic bags can be baled and sold overseas.
    • Cardboard can be baled and sold overseas. It can also be shredded and turned into animal bedding.
    • Finding creative ways to recycle specialty waste streams is our claim to fame.

The evolution of recycling technologies has opened the door for new opportunities to save not only money, but our planet as well. Edge Insights values the importance of staying green and helping our clients to do the same. If you have any questions about recycling options, give us a call!