Do You Have Employees Working from Multiple or Remote Locations?

Since COVID, we’ve seen a spike in the number of businesses with hybrid or remote employees. For businesses unprepared for this transition, they can be left scrambling trying to find platforms and systems that can be accessed by all their employees and are secure at the same time.

Microsoft Office 365 is the answer to that problem and Edge Insights can help you manage it all to reduce business cost and improve efficiency.

Modern Data Privacy Concerns for Businesses

In today’s working environment, companies have new challenges. With the changes in our economy and society, all businesses are looking to reduce costs, improve digital security, and increase efficiency among employees.

These challenges are becoming easier to overcome when you can utilize your technology partner to make recommendations. Your first step needs to be to understand your current workplace environment – Do you have employees working from multiple or remote locations? Do they have a number of devices that they are accessing data from? What procedures are in place to keep data secure?

Data privacy and security need to be a number one priority for businesses. You need to keep your personal data, your company data, and your customers’ data secure online.

Here Are Some Statistics for You to Consider:

  • 50% of all ransomware attacks in the last year were targeted at small businesses
  • 1 in 4 companies state they received one security breach in the last year
  • The average breach can cost over 100k

You need a service suite that is secure, cost effective, and can be easily used and accessed by all your employees.

Microsoft Office 365 for SMB

At Edge Insights, we work with you to find the best services to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. We recommend Microsoft Office 365 to many of our clients as a way to streamline employee information access and data protection processes.

Microsoft Office 365 has three main offering bundles which include a mix of cloud services, desktop apps, and security features. Our skilled team will work with you to determine your business needs and get the best priced services for you so you don’t end up overpaying for additional software services. Our team will walk you through each plan and communicate directly with the vendor to bundle the services you need into one plan, which has the potential to cut your costs in half.

Additionally, once you get set up with Microsoft Office 365, you not only gain access to Microsoft’s support team, but also Edge Insights will remain with you to provide help desk support, billing management, and future vendor procurement services.

Want to learn more about how we can reduce your expenses with Microsoft Office 365?