By Gene Waltz, Executive Vice President, Edge Insights
Edge Insight’s natural evolution to a telecom consultant.
Edge Insights has always performed telecom audits as part of our main offering: cost consulting for businesses. However, it became a bigger part of what we deliver 6-7 years ago when audits began consistently exposing problems with business circuits. These findings revealed our customers were paying above market prices for circuits that were either old fashioned or weren’t meeting their requirements. Seeing a need, we began provisioning circuits and delivered customers new circuits that would meet their demands. Our experience in telecom over the years has set us up for the perfect transition to provide cloud services as well. We’ve always evolved with the market in order to address the concerns of our customers and help them get the right services for their business. That’s why making a move to the cloud is a natural next step. This step will ensure our customers get the best of both worlds: cost consulting to keep their expenses down and the telecom and cloud solutions to drive their businesses forward.

Our Approach

As a trusted advisor, our goal has always been to help businesses find opportunities to move into better circuits so you can benefit from better services. And now, with our telecom offerings and cloud service, we can do more for your business. Our approach is always to start with an audit. Once we’ve determined what you can change, we won’t try to sell you on a specific product, but rather help guide you toward a solution that best fits the needs of your organization. Our legacy as a cost management consultant that conducts audits allows us to really dig into every circuit and phone line as well as provide traffic studies. We can then build a strong foundation for an organization’s network and identify pain points that reveal the direction they should head.

How Edge Insights Can Help

As the needs of businesses become more complex and difficult, integrating the right solutions has become business-critical, making it nearly impossible for a business to have the expertise to make the right decisions. At Edge Insights, we have the expertise that’s required to understand all the options available on the market. With so many solutions to choose from, as your telecom consultant, Edge Insights can do the sorting. With Edge Insights as your partner, we can help you get the solutions that deliver everything you need. From redundancy to bandwidth and more, we’ll match your strategy to the solutions that best fit your unique business requirements.

Need a Reliable Partner?

Think you could use cost consulting or a telecom audit? You can rely on Edge Insights to guide you toward making the right solutions for your business. Our unbiased advice and recommendations will steer you to the custom solution you’ve been looking for as well as surprising cost savings. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.