How can you improve your resident experience as well as see cost savings?

Senior living organizations all share a priority: improving the resident experience. It takes a lot of strategizing to do this, however, when you’re operating with limited resources. What if there were a technology you could adopt that would help your senior living organization increase cost savings and simultaneously improve the resident experience?

By moving to cloud communications, your senior living organization can gain the solid communications infrastructure your staff needs to provide a better resident experience. On top of that, cloud will help you save on costs. Here’s what senior living organizations should know about moving to the cloud.

Cloud Communications Boosts Cost Savings. When your budget is tight, minimizing upfront expenses is crucial. Cloud communication costs are based on a monthly service fee, so there are no major upfront, capital expenditures. Beyond that, if your senior living organization has high, long-distance calling costs, cloud communications can cut those down. Hosted voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) typically provides better rates for long-distance calling than most dedicated phone companies, so significant cost savings can be realized.

Better Security Means a Safer Resident Experience. Cloud service providers keep the security of their systems as up-to-date as possible. Senior living organizations have to be particularly vigilant regarding the security of resident information – not only for the peace of mind of residents and their families but also to remain compliant with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) where required.

Improved Communications Reliability Creates a Better Experience. Cloud communications will give you the performance and reliability your senior living organization needs. With communications and connectivity, your staff can count on operating your facilities and serve your residents, you’re creating a better experience while saving on costs.

Stay Current. Cloud communications tools are easily – and often automatically – updated, preventing your investment from becoming quickly outdated. This gives your senior living organization an added layer of future-proofing so that you can plan ahead with ease. With the cloud service provider handling updates, you can focus your energy on improving the resident experience.

Start Saving and Providing a Better Experience With Cloud
Senior living organizations can leverage cloud communications to make the most of limited budgets. Moving to the cloud will create cost savings that you can use to improve the resident experience. When you’re ready to make the move to cloud, get in touch with us at Edge Insights. We specialize in supporting the needs of senior living organizations and can connect you with the cloud communications solutions that fits you best.