Resident expectations at today’s senior living facilities are a far cry from what they were even 20 years ago.

Back in the 1990s, a resident may have checked in needing only a phone line to stay connected to the outside world. Modern residents – in contrast – come with modern expectations. They want to be able to use streaming services to watch TV shows and movies, which requires bandwidth. They arrive with multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – all needing connectivity to the internet (more bandwidth). Their visitors as well come with a slew of mobile devices (yet more bandwidth), and they are used to WiFi being available everywhere they go.

All of this adds up to a huge amount of demand on your senior living organization’s network. If you’re working with outdated infrastructure, that demand is probably not being met in a way that enhances the resident experience. So how do you meet the growing demands on your network?

Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Network

We can’t stress this enough: you must lay the foundation for a solid networking infrastructure in order for your network to meet modern demands. Your networking infrastructure is how you properly connect all your devices, functions, and users within and outside your organization.

If you’re running your senior living organization with technology and circuits that are five to 10 years old, it’s time to move on. Make an investment in new hardware and software that are flexible, can be updated virtually, and won’t have to be replaced again in the next three to five years.

When you have the right networking infrastructure in place, you’ll be able to implement solutions that can handle the influx of demands on your network. The right infrastructure allows for connectivity solutions with the reliability and bandwidth to keep your systems running smoothly and your residents connected without interruption.

Yes, There IS Room in the Budget

If your first reaction is fear that you have no room to make an investment in networking infrastructure, hold that thought. At Edge Insights, we are the experts that can audit your telecom expenses and find the room in your budget so you can get the technologies that will help you meet the heavy demands on your network. We find these savings at no cost or risk to you. Ready to start saving? Get in touch with us today.