How Is Your Business Storing Data and Organizing Your Applications?

If you don’t have a centralized, cloud data storage system for your business where you can store and integrate all your data, platforms, and information, you may find your company left behind as the business world continues to utilize more remote and hybrid employees.

Moving to the cloud provides data storage for your business that is secure, cost effective, and easily accessible.

Thinking of Moving Your Business to the Cloud?

In the wake of COVID, we’ve seen a recent boom in the number of remote, work from home, and hybrid work employees. And, that percentage is only going to increase. Studies show that by 2024, most companies’ IT spending budget will be on the cloud due to hybrid or remote working models. For example, in 2020 the Microsoft Teams platform usage increased threefold.

Moving your business to the cloud is an essential, modern-era step. A cloud-based data storage system allows all your employees and co-workers the ability to access any information or data from anywhere at any time. This type of immediate and remote information access is what kept big and small businesses afloat during the COVID pandemic when distance restrictions, COVID testing, and location shut downs were in full effect.

Studies show that 77% of small businesses feel that moving to the cloud will better prepare them for the future in the event of another crisis like the pandemic. If you want to prepare for future growth, you need to move your business to the cloud.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud for Business

If you’re still unsure if moving your business to the cloud is right for you, consider the following.

You can store anything in the cloud safely and securely. Using the cloud, your co-workers and employees can access platforms like Microsoft Teams, phone and voice systems, data and information files and so on.

Storing and backing up all your documents, data, phone access, and platforms will ensure that your information is easily accessible by all and will help it remain organized, even if your team is not working in the same physical space.

Moving your business to the cloud can also help you reduce costs and free up resources to use elsewhere. Where a business might normally spend $250,000 – $500,000 on IT related expenses, a cloud-based data system allows companies to switch to a monthly model and move physical infrastructure to the cloud.

How Edge Insights Can Help

At Edge Insights, we specialize in moving businesses to the cloud and expense reduction strategies. By working with Edge Insights, we take the work out of understanding your applications and software suite options. We work for you to find the best software providers, help you reduce your monthly and annual billing costs, and manage the entire process once it is in place, at no cost to you!

Want to learn more about how Edge Insights can help you move your business to the cloud?