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What Is Waste Cost Management?

Waste cost management is a service that helps businesses reduce costs up to 60%. While it’s common for organizations to overlook their recycling and waste removal, waste cost management makes it easy to cut unnecessary expenses. For businesses who look at environmental services as an uncontrollable cost, it’s time to change that mentality.

With a partner like Edge Insights, organizations can dispose of unwanted materials in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Whether you’d like to get rid of plastic, paper, medical, municipal, organic, or hazardous material, we’ll handle it all so you won’t have to.

With waste cost management, organizations can benefit from:

Comprehensive audits

Cost reductions

Monthly expense monitoring

Comparison of bills

Improved operations

Service recommendations

How Does Waste Cost Management Work?

Whether you’re aware of your overspending or not, Edge Insights can help you get rid of unwanted material all while helping you pay as little as possible. Our contingency-based services require no budget reviews or funding and are entirely risk-free. What’s more, nearly none of your time is required.

Step 1: We’ll benchmark and audit your existing removal and recycling providers. Our documenting will help us identify where you may be overspending.

Step 2: Our analysts will evaluate the findings and make recommendations to help reduce costs and improve operations.

Step 3: Lastly, we’ll present the best service alternatives and cost expectations. Once approved, we’ll implement and manage our recommendations.

With waste cost management, organizations don’t have to accept the costs that come with environmental services. At Edge Insights, we’ll help you find the best competitively priced providers in your area.

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