Do you get what you pay for from your waste, energy, and telecom services?

Edge Insights delivers the cost insights and support your organization needs to thrive.

Senior Living Organizations

Need Savings? Cut Costs in unexpected places.

Waste Services

Waste Services

It’s easy to overlook waste disposal and recycling expenses. We can save you up to 60% on these costs.

Energy Services

Energy Services

Our audit process will help you target ongoing savings, so you can stop worrying about supplier billing, tariffs, contracts, regulations, and other complications.

Technology Services

Technology Services

We manage and reduce your technology costs and act as your single point of contact for every carrier so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Other Services

Many organizations don’t know they can be saving through tax audits, wireless device management, and other strategies.

No matter your industry, we can help.

Senior Living

Staying on-budget is especially important when you have to rely on revenue from insurance companies and the government. Edge can help reduce and manage costs so you can focus on creating a superior resident experience – even with a limited budget.

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If you’re a manufacturer without a lot of time on your hands, Edge will manage your telecom, waste, and energy costs so you can focus on making sure production runs smoothly.

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No matter how many branches your financial organization has, Edge will help with vendor selection, service optimization, and standardized pricing to give you a healthier bottom line.

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Limited state funding can make it difficult for educational organizations to operate in a way that helps meet students’ needs. Edge will handle the burden of cost management and reduction in waste, energy, and telecom, so you can focus on your students.

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It is critical for nonprofits to use donor-provided funds efficiently. Edge will help your nonprofit reduce costs, manage expenses, and optimize your waste, energy, and telecom services.

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Our process is completely transparent, and we always work with your best interests in mind.

The numbers don’t lie.

You may be spending in places today where you could be saving tomorrow. Edge’s proven audit process has saved organizations like yours time, stress, and money for decades.



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