Edge Insights, Inc. (formerly UtiliTech) today announced an expansion to the company’s service offerings. UtiliTech has long been known for saving clients money through energy procurement, auditing and telecom bill auditing. Recently, the company has also been working to procure the best telecom contracts for business, government, education and non-profit organizations.

Headquartered in Berks County, Pennsylvania, UtiliTech is a national energy and telecom cost management and procurement consulting company. Clients rely on UtiliTech’s market research and audit and procurement services to reduce their overall cost of energy, recover overcharges due to billing errors and improve management’s control of utility costs.

“Over the past 10 years, the telecommunications industry has changed dramatically,” commented Emmett Lien III, President of UtiliTech. “With office lines, mobile devices and PDA’s, many times organizations are confused by their bills and are unsure if they are receiving the contract pricing they’ve agreed to.”

“At UtiliTech we have significant buying power and most of the time we can negotiate a better deal than an organization could on their own,” continued Lien. “Our in-house industry experts know which contract and product is best for each particular company. Further, we monitor those contracts long-term to ensure our client’s invoices are correct and that they continue to receive the most cost effective services available.”

Currently UtiliTech manages nearly $1 billion in energy and telecom services on behalf of its clientele throughout the United States.


About UtiliTech

Since 1991, UtiliTech, Inc. (www.UtiliTech.com) has been a national leader in utility bill auditing, telecommunications auditing and consulting, energy and telecommunications procurement and management services. Based in West Lawn, Pennsylvania, UtiliTech has conducted over 20,000 utility and telecommunications bill audits and discovered over $80 million in cost reductions and savings for its clients. UtiliTech also manages nearly $500 million in energy and telecom procurement on behalf of its clientele throughout the US. UtiliTech’s clients include for-profit and non-profit organizations in industries such as manufacturing, government, healthcare, education, retail and others.